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Creating lively cooperation

Lively cooperation among (professional) associations, agencies and organizations is a characteristic feature of the successful transfer from theory to practice and of the research-intense application-oriented institution of higher education.  For instance, the Fröbel Group finances an endowed chair in the Early Childhood Education programme at ASH Berlin. University teachers engage in joint research with childcare facilities or partner universities to examine current questions of social or health policy or issues relating to early childhood education.  Students, too, through their internship semesters and volunteer work, some of which takes place in Hellersdorf, make valuable contributions to the exchange between science and professional practice. Within the framework of the “ASH Builds Potential” mentoring programme, students take on mentoring roles for other students or school pupils with immigrant backgrounds.

Regular lecture series within the bachelors and masters programmes represent an opportunity to participate in in-depth discussions on a range of topics. That opportunity is not limited to university members: interested professional colleagues from outside the university also take up the invitation to take part in the lively exchange of opinions at the university. In a variety of ways, the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, contributes to the development of professional practices and specialist discourse, exerting a sustainable influence on its region.


Networks and Cooperations

Alice Salomon Hochschule is part of excellent national and international networks. Some of our partnerships are for fostering both professional and personal exchange. Others are meant to strengthen the link between academia and practical work, both in Germany and internationally. Staying in touch with our alumni is also important to us.

ASH’s cooperation partners

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  • Cooperation forum ASH - Bezirk Marzahn-Hellersdorf

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