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Research-intensive institution: Academic inquiry in dialogue with professional practice

Research is an integral part of the development of higher education. ASH Berlin supports the research activities of its teachers and is the recipient of considerable external funding.



ASH Berlin students participate in research projects and are qualified to pursue independent research right up to the acquisition of a doctoral degree.  ASH Berlin is engaged in continual and productive dialogue with professionals in the field, thereby ensuring that its research activities are application-oriented and relevant to professional practice. At the same time, it is contributing to the innovative advancement of established practice.  The results of ASH Berlin research are released in numerous publications.

To promote regional development, since September of 2009, the Institute for Applied Research (Institut für angewandte Forschung e. V. – IFAF) has chiefly supported joint research activities involving Berlin’s public universities of applied sciences. ASH Berlin is the home of the IFAF’s “Integration and Health” competence centre: the centre promotes cross-linkage of research associated with that area being pursued by the partner institutions and the integration of regional partners.

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