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B.A. Programmes

Currently, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin offers four undergraduate BA programmes.

The BA programme in Social Work qualifies students to act independently in the various professional fields of social work, for example in counselling centres, youth service centres, or hospitals.

Since the winter semester 2010/11, social work can also be studied online on a part-time basis while working. The programme „BASA-online“ is meant for people already working in social work who wish to get an academic degree.

The BA programme in Early Childhood Education qualifies graduates to work with children aged 0 to 12.

Students who continue to work as educators while pursuing their degree can start the programme in early education as a job-integrated course in the winter semester.

The programme in Healthcare and Nursing Management, which terminates in the degree Bachelor of Science, prepares students for management positions in health and nursing facilities.  

The programme for primary qualifications in Physiotherapy/Occupational therapy qualifies students to work methodically on one of these two therapeutic professions. This course terminates with a Staatsexamen (state exam) and a Bachelor of Science. The dual degree programme in Physiotherapy/Occupational therapy is for therapists with professional experience. New applications for the winter semester 2014/15 will still be considered.

To make degree courses more accessible and create closer links between professional practice and academic training, the bachelor programmes in early education, physiotherapy/ergotherapy, and health and nursing management will give credit for professional experience.