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For individual and flexible learning: Master Programmes offering a further qualification

Curricula and career plannings are becoming invariably more individual and flexible. With nine non-consecutive master programmes, the university offers to all prospective students the possibility to further qualify regardless of their previous studies, substantially as well as temporally. For instance, students of the english and spanish master degree in Intercultural Conflict Management (M.A.) can acquire competences for the work fields of the international development work, the programme Clinical Social Work (M.A.) qualifies professionals, who wish to function as psychosocial counsellors or therapists. The master programme Biographic and Creative Writing (M.A.) conveys methods of pedagogic and creative writing to professionals of social work, supervision or adult education.

Furthermore, students can qualify in the field of social management with the postgradual, Russian-German Dual Master in International Social Management (M.A). The four-semester degree closes with the double academic title of Magister in Management, awarded by the SFU Rosto-on-Don, and the Master of Arts in International Social Management, awarded by the ASH. The english-taught four-semester postgradual master programme Social Work as a Human Rights Profession (SWHR), has been developed in collaboration with the following institutions:

  • Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Malmö University, Department of Social Work
  • University of Gothenburg, Department of Social Work
  • University of Ljubljana, Department for Social Justice and Inclusion
  • University of Strathclyde, School of Applied Social Sciences

The graduates obtain a sound understanding of how to implement the idea of human rights in theory and practice within the field of social work. This includes a research perspective as well as the development and realization of practical projects.

The master Sustainable Development and Early Childhood Pedagogy (M.A.) trains experts, who can connect contents and methods of an Education for Sustainable Development with themes and problems of childhood pedagogy thanks to an innovative network management. Through a concomitant mentoring programme, the students (mentees) will become familiar with the tasks with which holders of management positions are confronted. The degree qualifies them for a later acquisition of comparable positions within social service agencies, pedagogic institutions, political administrative departments, as well as companies from the healthcare and economic field. The master programme Child Protection - Dialogic Quality Development in Infancy Assistance and Child Protection (M.A.) will expectedly start in the summer term of 2015. The extra-occupational degree enables professionals and managers of child and youth services as well as of healthservices a transdisciplinary advanced training oriented towards social and organizational sciences. The main objective is the theoretical, empirical and methodical further education of practicioners of infancy aid and child care to Dialogic Quality Developers.