Filtered water at ASH Berlin

Since January 2023, several tapping points for filtered water have been available to university staff. They provide support for health-conscious drinking of water.

Water filters can be found at the following locations at ASH Berlin:

  •  Room 323, "Breastfeeding and Sanitary Room", three-way tap with a reverse osmosis filter (all pollutants (e.g. medication residues) and minerals are filtered out).
  • Rooms 111 and 217, "Allgender" toilets on the first and second floor (right-hand sink), filtered water comes directly from the tap (activated carbon filter - limescale, dissolved lead, copper, drug residues and most germs are filtered out of the water)
  •  Room 201, "event kitchen", three-way tap with an activated carbon filter

More informations

Our body consists of 50-65% of water in adulthood. Without a regular supply of fluid, our body can hardly function.

Functions of water for our body

Water is a component of our cells and tissues. And it therefore shapes our bodies. It is important for our fluid balance. Solid components of our food (e.g. sugar) are dissolved and carried to the cells by water. It is a cooling agent (via the evaporation of sweat). And it supports digestion, e.g. by increasing the dietary fibres. It is also essential as a means of transport for excretory products in our body. Without hydration, humans can only survive for about three days.

Drink regularly and avoid feeling thirsty

Regular fluid intake, spread throughout the day, is important for our performance and alertness. The effects of dehydration do not kick in until the next day and can only be compensated to a limited extent by drinking at one point in time (e.g. in the evening).

The feeling of thirst is a signal of an already existing lack of fluids and therefore it is optimal if this feeling does not occur.

Learning and fluid intake

Water-rich organs such as the brain, kidneys, heart and lungs, as well as the muscles, are the first to suffer from a lack of nutrients when there is a lack of fluids. The ability to concentrate is reduced and fatigue can set in.

You can do this by yourself:

  • Develop a drinking routine (keep it up for at least 12 weeks to ensure the routine).
  • Notepads or apps can be used to support this.
  • The best thirst quencher is still water: tap water, mineral water, spring water or table water. Other recommended thirst quenchers are unsweetened teas, vegetable and fruit juices.

ASH Berlin can help you with:

  • Treatment of water with water filters at the locations listed above at ASH Berlin.
  • Providing information on the importance of water


Water filters are used for the chemical and physical purification of drinking water. In order to benefit from the full health-promoting effect of water, it should not only be drunk sufficiently and regularly, but should also be chemically and physically purified and optimised.

It is believed that water, when properly absorbed by the body, has multiple healing effects. When it enters the body, it hydrates the tissues and ideally leaves them loaded with metabolic residues. Research into different types of water and its qualities assumes that purified and optimised drinking water is the best for improving health. It improves communication between cells, the immune system and slows down the ageing process.

And very practical: water filters also filter lime particles out of the water, so that the devices for preparing drinks, such as kettles or coffee machines, do not calcify and, what is more, the drinks taste better!


Informations on different filters and how they work:

Podcast about the different shapes water can take, e.g. there is hot ice.


Movement and relaxation offers

The projekt "alice gesund" offers a little variety of movement and relaxation aktivities to all university members:

Zu den Angeboten

External movement offers & events

Pilates is a holistic workout that strengthens the abdominal and back muscles. It promotes an upright posture, can relieve tension and reduce stress. Simply join in and experience the strengthening effect of Pilates in our video workouts. Hier geht's zum Pilates-Video-Workout


Students and staff of ASH Berlin can of course also use the sports facilities of the other universities. Costs may apply!

You can find more offers under:

This is a search engine for the topic of exercise in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Here you can find regular exercise offers, sports events and public sports fields, offers from clubs, leisure facilities and public institutions. Bewegungsatlas

Free exercise opportunities throughout Berlin.

The non-profit sports association Stadtbewegung e.V. is again offering free sports and exercise groups in parks and green spaces in 2022. The team of over 50 trainers, are preparing exercise offers for the new outdoor season.

They will again be selected in parks and green spaces in all twelve Berlin districts. A total of over 100 weekly offers are planned. The groups take place weekly, are led by trained trainers and are explicitly aimed at people who have not done any sport for a long time.

On offer: fitness, yoga, running, dancing, games, Qi Gong and relaxation.

Registration is via the website of


The offers are funded by the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport and the Socially Integrative City programme.

Movement room

The movement room opens up a variety of movement, play and sports opportunities with an informal character as well as movement and sports education-oriented offers. The room is equipped with versatile large and small equipment, a movement construction site, Hengstenberg and Pikler materials as well as psychomotor and theatre/music educational materials and instruments. It also has a music system, beamer and PC.

Students can also use the equipment and materials as well as the room for self-learning purposes or participate in yoga, relaxation, dance or gymnastics programmes as part of alice gesund.


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