Activities of the Gender Equality Office

The Gender Equality Office undertakes a wide variety of activities, for example  providing advice, support with sexual harassment and discrimination, reviewing  the use of language at the university and developing concepts for promoting women* at ASH Berlin.

Although the percentage of women* in all status groups at ASH Berlin is relatively high, the promotion of women* is nevertheless necessary. ASH Berlin is committed to the academisation of former women’s professions. The aim of academisation is to raise the standing of these professions through greater professional autonomy, higher salaries, a higher social status and opportunities for advancing through subject-specific research. A high percentage of women* in all status groups is therefore desired, as initially the path to academia should be enabled for as many women *currently working in practice as possible.

The Gender Equality Office supports the academisation process by promoting academic careers for women* at the university:

The Gender Equality Officers are there to receive suggestions, project proposals, criticism and complaints from university members. They provide position statements regarding women’s* policies and university policies and can raise objections to university policy decisions. They advise and support all university institutions on matters relating to equal opportunities policy.

*The gender asterisk (*) indicates the constructed character of "gender". The asterisk after the word "women" emphasises that this refers to all persons who define themselves with the term "woman", are defined as such and/or see themselves as being viewed this way. In light of how people who cannot or do not wish to identify with the conventional two genders are disadvantaged and discriminated against, the team of Equal Opportunities Officers for Women also feel a clear sense of responsibility towards trans*, inter* and non-binary people. We are aware that categorising gender diversity with the term “women*” perpetuates the discriminatory pattern and therefore this cannot be seen as a solution but as a process.

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Quer – the gender magazine of ASH Berlin

“Quer” is published by the Equal Opportunities Officers for Women* and offers an intersectional view of the current debates surrounding gender and feminism from different perspectives. 

The magazine is published once a year. It is available online in pdf format and as a printed version at ASH Berlin.

Quer – all editions 

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Frauen*büro – Mailing list of the Equal Opportunities Office for Women*

Like the “Quer” magazine, this mailing list is an information medium initiated by the Equal Opportunities Officers for Women* and the Women’s* Council of ASH Berlin focussing on gender and equal opportunities policy. By signing up for the mailing list, you will receive our newsletter and interesting information about gender and equal opportunities events, job vacancies and initiatives.
The information is provided in German. You can register for the mailing list here.


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Contact persons

The office of the  Equal Opportunities Officers for Women* of ASH Berlin:

Alice-Salomon-Platz 5

12627 Berlin

Phone:     030 / 99245 - 322

Fax:     030 / 99245 - 245

E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte@

Equal Opportunities Officer for Women*


Student employees

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