Gender in Teaching and Research

Gender professors

Gender research has a long tradition at ASH Berlin. Three professorships currently exist that are explicitly dedicated to gender research. Numerous other professors also undertake gender research without this being explicitly mentioned in their professorship titles.

Gender research at other Berlin universities

The website of the  Frauen- und Geschlechterforschungseinrichtungen Berliner Hochschulen (afg) (consortium of women’s and gender research institutions at Berlin universities)  provides a list of all professors who conduct gender research at Berlin universities – with and without this being officially specified in their professorship titles.

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Gender research projects

Gender research is not an official research focus area of ASH Berlin. However, the high level of interest in gender research among numerous professors is reflected in many research projects:

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Gender in Teaching

Gender plays an important role in teaching at ASH Berlin. When the study programmes were converted to the Bachelor’s and Master’s model, the teaching of gender knowledge and skills was embedded as an interdisciplinary topic in all study programme regulations, curricula and module handbooks. Dedicated gender modules are also part of the Social Work and Early Childhood Education study programmes.

For current modules in the context of gender please refer to the course catalog of ASH Berlin.

Further events dedicated to gender content and gender skills or which are designed to promote women* can be found in the training programme of the Equal Opportunities Officers for Women*.

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