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Anti-racism and empowerment at ASH Berlin

The mission statement of the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences wishes for a respectful, open, fair and reliable interaction with one another. This demand is constantly challenged by societal phenomena such as racism and discrimination. EmpA therefore aims to use an empowerment approach to improve the study conditions of international students, students with a refugee background and students of color*.

In line with the needs that students bring directly to us, we offer various formats to connect, exchange and learn. In addition, we advise and train  university staff on implementing anti-racist measures to improve the overall study conditions. Together with many committed members of the university, we would like to influence the Alice Salomon University to become as racism-sensitive a place as possible.

"People of Color, Person of Color, PoC:  is an alliance term that establishes links between people who experience racism" 1.

However, the term is also controversially discussed within different communities. Numerous other self-designations have been used as alternatives to racist foreign designations.

1In URL (German): AG Feministisch Sprachhandeln der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2014): Was tun? Sprachhandlungen – aber wie? W_ortungen statt Tatenlosigkeit! Berlin, p.43, last access: 10.12.2019

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Our Offers

The daily study routine at the ASH can be very challenging and stressful. It can be even more stressful for international students, students who experience of racism and/or have a refugee background. In addition to all the duties, responsibilities and to-do's that studying entails, they often also have to deal with language barriers, experiences of exclusion and discrimination through racism, (hetero-)sexism, classism or (attributed) religious affiliation.

Anchoring the empowerment approach at the university is therefore an important instrument to strengthen students who are confronted with racial discrimination and to improve the accompanying study conditions.

Power Talk

Power Talk:

We are listening! - peer to peer consulting with EmpA student staff.
Symbolbild für das Power Writer Angebot des EmpA Programms der ASH Berlin.
ASH Berlin

Power Writers:

Writing workshop for BIPoC with a focus on diverse first languages.


A glossary of terms of critical race theroy and intersectional feminist theory explained in the simplest possible language to make this knowledge accessible to as many people as possible (only available in german).
Powerspace Symbolbild mit vielen verschiedenen gezeichneten Menschen im Zuge eines Programms der EmpA der ASH Berlin


An empowering space to meet and exchange and participate in various workshops with different topics.
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Book recommendations that empower and/or explain how racism works in its multi-layered dimensions.

EmpA events

PowerBodyWorkshop - Thursday 30th of July from 18:00 to 20:00

EmpA Power Reunion 2.0. in Times of Corona - Friday 15th of May  18:00 - 20:00

PowerReunion - BIPOC Referat & EmpA

Gegen Rassismus? Empowermentstrategien FÜR Widerstand & Wohlbefinden an der Hochschule 2.0 (Against racism? Empowerment strategies FOR resistance & well-being at the university 2.0)

Gegen Rassismus? Empowermentstrategien FÜR Widerstand & Wohlbefinden an der Hochschule (Against racism? Empowerment strategies FOR resistance & well-being at the university)  - Within the framework of the 13th Week of Mental Health in Berlin.

Zusammen haben wir eine Chance (Together we have a chance)  Film followed by a discussion with Nadiye Ünsal (Filmemaker) and Garip Bali from Allmende e.V. (one of the Protagonists of the movie).

Event of the ASH Pre-Study Program

Über Rassismus schreiben: Empowered Nähe und Distanz im Schreiben finden (Writing about racism: Empowered to find closeness and distance in writing)- As part of the "2. Langen Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten".

Stress: A decolonized Perspective with Kisha "Free Woman" Montgomery.


Pasquale Virginie Rotter: "Empowerment und Sensibilisierung". The article was first published in the Alice 36 in the winter semester 2018/19.

Alice 39 „Diversität Macht Perspektivenvielfalt“.  Artikel von EmpA "Wissen empowern" auf Seite 40-41

"Trotzdem studiere ich hier", eine Broschüre mit den Stimmen von rassismuserfahrenen Studierenden an der ASH. 

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Project coordination

Dr. Aki Krishnamurthy

Anti-racism and empowerment officer: anti-racist opening of the university/ empowerment and advice for students who have experienced racism: networking and community building/ raising awareness of racial discrimination.


by appointment

Aki Krishnamurthy

Student assistants of EmpA

Jenifa Simon

Erstberaterin bei Rassismuserfahrungen

Sprechstunde nach Vereinbarung

Jenifa Simon

Veru Arias

Erstberater*in bei Rassismuserfahrungen


by appointment

Veru Arias