Lifelong learning assures your long-term professional perspectives! 

We offer our clients top-quality qualifications. Conveying subject-specific knowledge at the level of tertiary education is one feature of our offerings in the area of further education. Our programme is also designed to promote the expansion of key competencies and the exchange of experiences among participants.

The exchange and transfer of knowledge between ASH and practicing professionals is one factor that sets us distinctly apart from private educational institutions. Our pool of lecturers is composed of men and women whose knowledge of their fields is totally up to date, who have professional experience and who are able to impart instructional content vividly and clearly. 

Quality assurance plays a key role at ASH: our programme of further education is regularly evaluated and up-dated and focuses on the needs of participants. Our offerings are designed with practicing professionals in the health, childcare and social-work sectors in mind. The offerings are academically sound, oriented towards professional practice and continually improved. 

For those reasons, qualifications acquired at ASH are highly respected by employers. 

The language of instruction is German. You can find an overview of offered courses at Kurssuche

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