Family at ASH Berlin

ASH Berlin helps all its members in balancing work and other areas of life. It offers support for taking on social responsibility for your family. 

Therefore ASH Berlin has developed a whole range of offers and measures to make it easier to combine having a family with being a student or employee at ASH. Students with children or students expecting a child have several possibilities to organise this balancing act. Examples are preferential assignments of seminar spots, becoming a part-time student, taking a semester off, or having deadlines extended.


The childcare room is for children of all members of ASH: students, employees of the administration, and faculty members (including lecturers). Children from six months up to school age can be looked after. The facility is staffed by experienced state-certified educators. There is no charge.

ASH Berlin supports its employees in balancing work and family life. In addition to the rules about part-time work, maternity leave, and parental leave as prescribed by law, ASH has created flexible work conditions and other family-friendly measures so that employees find it easier to balance work and family life. For detailed information of what is available, please contact the women’s representative. 

Sometimes, it is simply impossible to organise someone to look after the children. Or all that is needed is a short visit to the library. For such cases, ASH has several facilities to support families. For example, there are special rooms for breastfeeding and changing diapers, and all toilets are equipped with tables for changing diapers. In the library, the children of users are always welcome. Upon request, a blanket, some toys and children’s books are available. Small children can be placed in highchairs while their parents do their research. Electrical outlets on the ground floors are secured with child guards. The cafeteria has two highchairs and also features a play corner with a small table and toys.

The need for a family member to receive nursing care often arises without any prior warning and poses great challenges for students and employed persons. To help you with balancing being a student or employee with taking care of a relative, you can get initial advice here.  

Advice from Pflegestützpunkte (‘care support bases’)

Pflegestützpunkte are places to go to for old people, people in need to care, and their relatives. There you can get comprehensive, independent information about all questions around nursing care and the elderly, about state support, support and aids for nursing, and about how to adjust flats for people in need of care.

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Advice concerning family policy (e.g. parental leave and care services) 

Nadja Kreutzer

Koordinatorin (in Vertretung)


Room No. 312

Sprechzeiten / Beratung ab dem 30.07.2018 nach Vereinbarung

T 030 / 992 45 283
F 030 / 992 45 594

Advice on organizing your studies

Anna Kuhlage

Allgemeine Studienberatung / Studienberatung Soziale Arbeit

Room No. 329

Offene Sprechzeiten:
Di 13-16 Uhr, Do. 10-12 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
Telefonsprechzeit: Do 13-14 Uhr
(auch in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit)

T 030 99245125

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