The writing team offers regular tutorings and consultation appointments for students at the university and conducts weekly writing-intensive days with short inputs and open writing workshops.

Additional workshops with a variety of focuses are held as needed.

Each semester, a student initiative may also attend a one-on-one workshop with the trainers designed to meet the needs of the group. Applications are due by the end of the first month of the semester (October 31 and April 30).

Please visit also our German website.

Learning materials on Moodle

Learning materials of the ASH Writing Team are available on Moodle, which can be used interactively and are regularly expanded. In addition to further exercises and literature, more podcasts are planned that will allow users to work on topics individually or in small online learning groups. There is also a forum function for each topic block, through which students can ask questions to the writing team as well as get in touch with each other.

Use this interactive feature to help us tailor upcoming podcasts and online input to your own needs. The Moodle platform is designed to provide additional guidance and support for writing processes throughout the course of study.

To register for the Moodle platform, please contact the ASH Writing Team at:

Online Writing Workshop

The Writing Workshop takes place on BigBlueButton every Wednesday from 1-5pm.

All students of ASH Berlin are welcome to join, regardless of their current writing

project or what stage of the writing process they are at. The Writing Workshop

provides the possibility to try out different writing methods as well as to work on

individual projects. It is a setting of both self-study and exchange of ideas.

This is how it works:

Throughout the first hour, we start with a writing-prompt, usually something smooth to warm up (1-2 pm). Afterwards, we spend the next 2 hours working on our respective writing projects (2-4 pm). At the end, we have the possibility to ask questions and exchange ideas (4-5 pm).

The Writing Workshop is offered by To Doan.

Registration with To Doan at or 


Online Bachelor Tutoring

The group sessions take place every 14 days via BigBlueButton and accompany students in the individual phases of their Bachelor thesis - from the planning to the submission of the thesis. The group sessions build on each other. In each session, topics related to scientific work and writing are discussed.

It provides the possibility to learn about creative techniques and writing methods as well as to discuss individual questions. Private consultations with the tutor are possible upon request. The appointments with the tutor are possible by individual appointment and can take place via Zoom, Skype or BBB. Since the appointments build on each other, the willingness to participate regularly is desired. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 15.

The writing tutoring is led by Silke Abendschein, a student of theater design, department of costume design at the HfBK Dresden / currently a student in the Master's program Biographical and Creative Writing at the ASH Berlin.

The tutoring takes place in two groups per semester:

In the summer semester between June and August,
binding registration starting in May at schreibtutorium@

and in the winter semester between December and March,
binding registration from November at schreibtutorium@

Online Text Feedback

The Online Text Feedback “Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch“ is suited for students and guest students of ASH Berlin who have little or no experience with the language of science and who would like to get an overview on the comprehension of their own work.

The online tutorial offers individual support and advice on the topics of empowerment and marginalized perspectives, German language, improvement of linguistic skills, preparation and introduction of presentations and papers. The online tutorial does not provide editing services, but does provide support for last minute stress management!

The online counseling is fast, uncomplicated as well as competent and also includes video or telephone conferencing, depending on the needs of those seeking counseling. 

The online consulting process: After a short introduction via e-mail (name, concerns and expectations), short excerpts of work are received - as a reading and editing sample, so to speak. These excerpts are corrected by the tutor, commented on and then sent back. Afterwards, both sides can assess whether the consulting work could also be promising with further sections, concerns and work. A decision is made whether to continue the consultation in this format or to refer the student to more appropriate services, such as the Writing Workshop at ASH Berlin. 

The online tutoring service Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch is offered with 
Tường Vi Nguyễn.

Contact the online tutoring Wissenschaftssprache Deutsch at Tường Vi Nguyễn at wissenschaftssprache@

Online Writing Consultation/Coaching

The writing consultation is confidential, non-directive and solution-oriented. It is open - depending on availability - to students of all Bachelor's and Master's programs for all counseling concerns related to academic work and writing at Alice Salomon University. Especially students whose first language(s) are not German, former participants of the Pre-Study Program and BIPoC students can contact me.  

Common concerns are questions about scientific work and writing in general (such as finding and narrowing down a topic, developing a research question, literature research or citation methods), the desire to finally tackle postponed written work, questions about dealing with writer's block or motivation problems, and assistance with time management. In individual cases, several appointments in the form of writing coaching are also possible.

Writing consulting/writing coaching does not include editing or proofreading of texts. The responsibility for the text remains with the student. After prior discussion, however, feedback can be given on selected parts of the text or on the outline.

To Doan (schreibberatung@

Appointment: Please send me an email with a short description of your request to schreibberatung@ - I will then contact you with an appointment proposal.

Writing Time: Write - Share - Empower

Together with the EmpA team, we invite you to a regular writing time: WRITE - EXCHANGE - EMPOWER. 
The meetings take place on Mondays and Tuesdays 2-5pm. We want to get to know each other there and write together. There will be short input, the possibility to ask questions, to exchange ideas and to receive consultation. 
Register at: schreibberatung@ or empowerment@, we will send you a link for the video conference.  
In addition, we plan to hold monthly writing workshops to explore topics in greater depth. We are happy to receive feedback on content requests.