The ASH Berlin college library is an interdisciplinary specialist library. It serves as the scientific library primarily regarding the studies, instruction, research and further education at the ASH Berlin, and is available to members of other colleges in Berlin and Brandenburg as well as to interested professionals.

Using the library

You must be a student or other member of the Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin or have a registered address in Berlin or Brandenburg to register with the library. Registration is free.

However, anyone can use the library’s inventory within the library (no lending). You must be 18 or older or be accompanied by someone who is.

A user relationship between the library and the user is established under public law. There are more specific regulations in the current version of the library’s regulations.

When registering, please have your valid personal ID or passport with current registration. Students at the ASH must also provide their current student ID.

In order to receive automatic messages from the library (end of the loan period, availability of reserved materials, etc.) please provide a current e-mail address as well.

The lending of media requires registration in the ASH library and is done using the library card at the lending desk or self-service checkout machine. The lending conditions for the different user groups are regulated as follows:

Students (direct studies) 
lending period (open days): 20
possible renewals: 2

Outside users
lending period (open days): 20
possible renewals: 2

Remote, online studies
lending period (open days): 60
possible renewals: 1

lending period (open days): 130
possible renewals: 1

ASH employees
lending period (open days): 130
possible renewals: 1

Renewals must obviously be done through the user account. If another user has reserved a medium that has been loaned out, it cannot be renewed.

The following media cannot be loaned out:

  • ASH theses
  • reference books
  • books with the yellow sticker "Präsenzbestand" (Reference Copy)
  • periodicals
  • bound newspapers
  • DVDs / Videos
  • loose-leaf editions
  • directories

Special lending periods*

Students at the ASH can be given a one-time lending period of up to 3 months during the final phase of their studies upon request. This cannot be subsequently renewed independently.

Seriously disabled users can be given a lending period of 6 months after presenting their disabled person’s pass.

* Special lending periods cannot be given by the self-service checkout machine. Please consult a library staff at the lending desk.

Outside the library, there is a self-returns machine available during college hours of operation. You will find it in the entry area to the college, across from the porter.

The college is open:
During the semester: Mon – Fri 6.30 a.m.  - 10 p.m.
During semester holidays: Mon – Fri 6.30 a.m. - 8 p.m.
The opening hours on Saturdays vary according to teaching activities.

The bookdrop inside the library is to the right, next to the lift, and allows you to return loaned media quickly if there are long waits at the lending desk.

You can also return books by post. You can find the library’s address under "Contact".

Go to Librabry A-Z to get more information about using the library.

Other library services

We invite you to use the other library services. Send us your acquisition requests, take a look at your professors’ reserve shelf, and learn about the introductory courses and search assistance we offer.

To send us your acquisition request, click on "Acquisition request" in the right column of the OPAC starting page.

Before making an acquisition request, please check the OPAC to see whether the desired title already exists in our holdings.

For teachers, it is prudent to check whether the needed literature for a course is already available and, if necessary, to punctually give us a list of new titles to be acquired that should be available in the library in the interests of the students.

If a title is already available in the library and you feel other copies or a new edition should be acquired, please mark the library call number and desired number of duplicate or new copies that should be ordered.

An item’s processing status can be followed in the OPAC as soon as it is ordered by the acquisitions department, i.e. before it is available for use in the library. The following are some examples of data on the order status: "Ordered by deliverer", "In processing".

Unfortunately, sending personal messages concerning purchase decisions and receipt of publications is not feasible.

Books that have been delivered but remain unprocessed are referred to as "in processing" and are given the (temporary) call number GG ... At this point, such a title can be reserved through the user account without charge. This will prioritise the title’s processing.

ASH administrate staff may order books for their office that they need as work materials. Please indicate this when ordering. Thank you for your suggestion!

Citavi 5 is a reference management software for Windows. All students and employees of the ASH Berlin can get a Citavi campus licence. In order to use the full version of Citavi, you need to install the free version on your computer and ask the staff at the lending desk for a Citavi campus licence code.

The library offers a training "Introduction to Citavi" for groups from 5 to 25 students. For more information please see "Other library services" -> "Training".

Publikationsserver der Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin (institutional repository)

University members with a library card can use electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases outside of the college network.

Click here for remote access

During the semester, a selection of relevant literature can be assembled for a course and/or seminar at the wish of the (assistant) lecturers. The books of this reserve shelf are not loanable and can be viewed at any time in the library by course participants.

A recent change is that the medium’s call number is given a link in the OPAC (online catalogue). This allows you to search to see if other copies exist in the open-access holdings in addition to the medium present. To open the links, the security settings of your PDF viewer may need to be adjusted.

Location: Window front on the 1st floor of the library.

Note for (assistant) lecturers: Please observe the regulation for the reserve shelves.

Reserve shelf winter 2016/17

Regulation for reserve shelves:

  • One reserve shelf can be set up per seminar/project/lecture and semester.
  • Each reserve shelf remains for one semester and is deleted in the subsequent semester holiday
  • An extension of the schedule is possible upon consultation with the library if this is made known by 14 days before the semester’s end at the latest.
  • A maximum of 15 books from the library holdings are allowed per reserve shelf.
  • Point 4 does not apply to the library’s journals, periodicals and AV media.
  • The existing required readings for the semester are not included in the lecturer´s reserve shelf.
  • Please send the literature list with the desired books and information about author, title, year of publication and ASH library call numbers to bibliothek@
  • If possible, please send new acquisition requests for reserve shelves to erwerbung@

If desired, you may receive extensive and individualized instruction in literature searches centred on a topic of your choosing.

This service can be booked online, but the form is only available in German. If you need any help, please contact the staff at the lending desk.

This service is free to ASH members. Outside users will be charged 12.80 €.

Click here to book

The library of the ASH Berlin offers group orientations in library use to the college’s own members and to members of other institutions.

Please note that in April and November these group orientations can only be offered to members of the university.

Such orientations for college members normally take place as part of the course “Propaedeutics and Mentoring”. This must be scheduled in advance. The duration depends on the type of orientation and can last up to two hours.

The following orientations can be booked via e-mail:

  • Library tours and OPAC training
  • Library tours, OPAC and database training
  • Introduction to the reference management software "Citavi"

It is also possible to book two consecutive training sessions, such as taking the library tour and OPAC training first and making a second appointment for the database training.

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