Programme Coordinator

 The programme coordinator will help you with all questions relating to the programme, such as

  • Application and admission requirements
  • Curriculum, order of study, and organisation of courses
  • Course and examination requirements
  • Changing programmes or returning to the programme
  • Internships and practical work
  • Credit for skills acquired in institutions of higher education and elsewhere
  • Drawing up individual study schedules

 In addition, we offer advice and guidance if you have personal problems (stress, problems with teachers or employers) as well as information about sources of support (childcare, BAfög, psychological counselling) for students at ASH Berlin.

Ein Telefon

Katrin Tepper


Erziehung und Bildung in der Kindheit B.A.

Room No. 327b

T z.Z. nur per Mail erreichbar

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Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Iris Nentwig-Gesemann

Professorin für Bildung im Kindesalter

Room No. 412

Sprechzeiten nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail

T +49 30 99245-412

Iris Nentwig-Gesemann

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