Social Management M.A.

The MA programme in Social Management is a further-education programme. It is designed as a correspondence programme with classroom units with a modular structure, which makes it possible for students to work while pursuing their degree.
In accordance with international standards, this graduate programme is designed in modules and structured in an integrative fashion. The modules have a strong orientation towards practical applications and link expert knowledge (in terms of orientation, analysis, and professional practice) in the disciplines of social work, business administration, applied social management, social policy, and the law.

Professional opportunities

The correspondence MA degree programme in social management offers an academically sound qualification that is oriented towards market needs, and equips graduates with the necessary practical knowledge required for the changing and increasing demands made on managers in the social sector. These requirements mean that there is increased demand for specific management competencies (i.e., strategic, planning, business administrative, social, and emotional competencies) by employers in the public and church sectors. This kind of knowledge has hitherto only been taught in a rudimentary fashion in the traditionally more generalist approaches of social work degree courses.

Therefore this programme fills a gap in the professional training in the social sector, and with its foundation on new academic knowledge in management studies, is highly significant for training professionals in the social sector.

The language of instruction is German. For further information please switch to our German website

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