Prof. Dr. Asiye Kaya:

The director of studies Prof. Dr. Asiye Kaya is responsible for ensuring the quality of teaching and studies, the development of the curriculum and representation at the university. In a team with the programme coordinator, they organise the processes within the programme and maintain contact with the rectorate, the university committees, the administration and other programme directors.

E-Mail Adress: a.kaya@

Programme Coordination

Jana Jelitzki

Programme Coordinator MA KriDiCo

Room 328
Office Hours: Thursday
16:00 - 17:30 Uhr

0176 6436 4432


As Programme Coordinator, I support Prof. Dr. Asiye Kaya in the development and design of the Master's programme and act as an interface between students, lecturers and the administration.

I can be reached Mon - Thurs on 0176 6436 4432. Thursdays from 16:00 - 17:30 are office hours. Registration is not necessary.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email

Counselling service:

  • Contact person for interested persons and students in the MA Social Work KriDiCo.
  • Counselling and general information on application, access and admission 
  • Offer for planning the course of studies
Modul Name Mail
Responsible for the module M1 Prof. Dr. Kaya, Asiye
Responsible for the module M2 Prof. Dr. Attia, Iman
Responsible for the module M3 Prof. Dr. Schäuble, Barbara
Responsible for the module M4 Prof. Dr. Russo, Jasna
Responsible for the module M4 Prof. Dr. Smykalla, Sandra
Responsible for the module M5 Prof. Dr. Fehren, Oliver
Responsible for the module M6 Prof. Dr. Bär, Gesine

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