B.Sc. Physiotherapy/ Occupational Therapy

Study programme

The “Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy” programme is offered with two different forms of study:

Primary qualifying/vocationally qualifying study form (PQS)

The primary qualifying study form integrates state accreditation as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist and leads to the Europe-wide academic title of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

Previous or accompanying vocational training is not necessary with this study form, as the state examination is completed as part of university studies.

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Additive interdisciplinary study form (AddIS)

Building on the state accredited training in physiotherapy/occupational therapy, the work-integrated study form offers therapists with professional experience the chance to gain the academic title of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in their respective discipline.

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Professional politics

Academisation of therapeutic professions

It is only since 2001 that it has been possible to obtain Bachelor’s and consecutive Master’s degrees in the disciplines of physiotherapy and occupational therapy in Germany. Since 2009 a model clause has permitted primary qualifying academic degree programmes in physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  Further information on the model clause and the rlevant lagislation can be fount here.

Hochschulverbund Gesundheitsfachberufe (HVG e.V.)

This association was founded by representatives of German universities with study programmes in physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy with the aim of promoting therapeutic science in the German-speaking area. In addition to the association’s activities for promoting research, its members are committed to ensuring good standards of higher education teaching in the health professions. The primary aim of the academisation of therapeutic professions is to ensure the quality of healthcare services for the benefit of patients. For further information please see the website of Hochschulverbund Gesundheitsfachberufe.

Kooperationsverbund Hochschulen für Gesundheit e.V.

The association develops cross-university initiatives to improve higher education for health professions. It is based on the concept of the “Hochschulen für Gesundheit” which cooperates with the World Health Organisation (WHO). The research, training further education and continuing professional development of these universities is oriented towards the health development of their respective region and taking public responsibility. On the website of the cooperation associationyou can find answers to FAQs about primary qualifying study programmes for therapeutic health professions.

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Physiotherapy advocacy groups

Deutsche Verband für Physiotherapie (ZVK) e. V. is the largest advocacy group for physiotherapy in Germany. The ZVK websiteprovides further information about the work of the professional association.

 The BundesStudierendenRat (BStR) represents the interests of studying physiotherapists in the committees of the professional association. It advises the association’s executive board on all matters of university training for physiotherapists. 

On the website of ZVK you can find further information on the BundesStudierendenRat.

The ENPHE website provides information on the European network of physiotherapy training at the higher education level.

Occupational therapy advocacy groups

Deutscher Verband der Ergotherapeuten e.V. (DVE) is the professional association for occupational therapy with the highest number of members in Germany. Further information please find on the website of DVE.

As members of the DVE, occupational therapy students in vocational and higher education are represented by the BSSV in the professional association. The BSSV engages itself for the rights and interests of students at the political level of the profession and aims to make the DVE attractive to trainees and students. The BSSV also offers opportunities for exchanging information with others and gaining valuable experience through the annual BSSV meeting and activities at the occupational therapy conference. On the website of DEV, you can find more information on the BundesSchüler- und StudierendenVertretung

Please find more information on the website of the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education.

Degree theses

On our German website you can view the titles of previous degree theses from this study programme. The abstracts for the Bachelor’s theses can be found in the online catalogue (OPAC) of ASH Berlin. You can also view the Bachelor’s theses in the library.

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