B.Sc. Physiotherapy/ Occupational Therapy

ASH Berlin offers two programmes in Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy:   

Primärqualifizierende bzw. berufsqualifizierende Studienform (PQS)

The “primärqualifierende Studienform” offers a primary qualification in Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy. This programme integrates the state recognition as physiotherapist/occupational therapist and also leads to the degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

More information you can find on our German Website.

Additive interdisziplinäre Studienform (AddIS)

The „Additive interdisziplinäre Studienform“ is based on a previous vocational training. Professionally experienced therapists get the chance to reach the academic title Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in their discipline Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy    

More information you can find on our German Website

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