Events in English, Podiumsdiskussion, Workshop Feminist Struggles - Not waiting for the Revolution

We are not waiting for the Revolution: Feminist struggles at times of crises - Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iran.


With the Revolutions in several Arab countries, the ensuing protests in Turkey and ongoing actions in Iran, feminist struggles in the region have experienced bright moments since 2011. However, little is remembered of the attempts and voices of those liberation movements in the collective awareness of global feminist struggle. That's surprising! Is it because, these movements lacked transnational alliance building and solidarity exchange among each other despite their emancipatory power?

Feminist Struggles - Not waiting for the Revolution


Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin in cooperation with "Adopt a Revolution" and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

This half day event is designed to be the first of a series to map our struggles, raise a collective awareness, and go into exchange. The panel hosts feminist activists from Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Iran detailing the feminist struggles in their respective countries both during and in the aftermath of uprisings. In order to intensify the exchange there will be interactive workshops on focus areas, following the panel:

12.30- 13.00 Welcome
13.00-15.00 Panel
*Nora Amin: Revolution as a Process of Bonding and Equality
*Nil Mutluer & Hilal Alkan: A Path to Long Lasting Solidarity? Voicing *Feminism in Turkey’s Gezi Uprisings
*Zaina Erhaim: Syrian Feminist's Battles in the War
*Jehan Daoud: The struggle of Kurdish Women Before and After the Syrian Revolution
*Firoozeh Farvardin: They are not waiting for the Revolution, They are the Revolution: women's struggles in Iran

Moderation: Maria Hartmann

15.15-18.30 Thematic Workshops
* Gendered/sexual violence in the moment of resistance
* Solidarity during resistance and its aftermath
* Challenges of institutional and social discrimination

The language of the event is English. There is no translation available.