Research Start of a new digitization project at the Alice Salomon Archive

The archive's complete photo collection is digitized. Digital German Women's Archive supports the project.

A collection of various old photo albums from the Alice Salomon Archive
Alice Salomon Archive

The Alice Salomon Archive preserves an extensive treasure consisting of photos of historical people, institutions and events of social movements. Until now, these collected prints, negatives, slides and glass plates from the last two centuries have been difficult to access.

A digitization project funded by the Digital German Women's Archive (DFF) will now change this. By the end of 2024, the Alice Salomon Archive team will have indexed and digitized the entire photo collection. Researchers, teachers and media professionals will then be able to research them in the DDF's META catalog.

Photos of important representatives of the women's movement such as Alice Salomon, Adele Beerensson and Siddy Wronsky, taken by prominent photographers such as Suse Byk, Frieda Riess and Lotte Jacobi, will then also be accessible to all other interested parties. An extensive donation from relatives of Alice Salomon recently added exciting insights into the family history to the archive's collection, which has grown over decades.

The DDF project opens up the diverse collection of images for historical educational work. The project will be supplemented by further publications, such as essays and a concept paper on handling photo collections in small archives.

Project data
Project duration: 15.01.2024 - 31.12.2024
Project staff: Prof. Dr. Sabine Toppe, Filiz Gisa Çakır, Friederike Mehl
Funded by: Digital German Women's Archive