Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of ASH Berlin deals with questions of research ethics in the fields of health care, social work and early childhood education. With the increasing research activities in these areas, ethical reports are also increasingly required by funding agencies. Any research "on humans" requires not only special methodological but also ethical care. This also applies to research projects that do not work with – in a narrower sense – invasive procedures. 

It is the task of the Ethics Committee – at the request of the principal investigators (PI) – to examine research projects from the point of view of research ethics and to provide advice on how they should be structured in an ethically appropriate manner.

In order to be able to fulfill this task, the committee is multidisciplinary – experienced professors from ethics, law, quantitative and qualitative social science as well as health science research work together in the committee.

Applications to the committee can be submitted by scientists inside and outside ASH Berlin, provided that they are the PI of a research project. To avoid misunderstandings, we would like to kindly point out that the Ethics Committee is not responsible for the ethical review of student qualification theses (Bachelor or Master theses). We would also like to point out that additional translation costs may be incurred for applications that are not submitted in German or English.

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