Threat Scenario

The Threat Scenario of "Islamist Terrorism" from the Perspectives of Politics, Media and Muslim Communities. An Empirical Study on the Interaction of Discourses, Perceptions and their Effects

Project duration: 01/02/2018 - 31/01/2021

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bock (Akkon-Hochschule), Prof. Dr. Iman Attia (ASH Berlin), Prof. Dr. Karin Scherschel (Hochschule Rhein-Main)

Project staff (subproject ASH Berlin): Ozan Keskinkılıç, Büşra Okcu und Ouassima Laabich


The new ASH Berlin subproject reflects on how Muslims (and individuals marked as such) and Muslim communities (re)gain the agency of interpretation and action against the background of security discussions. Furthermore it examines how they balance the relationship between consent and criticism, and which spaces are created to not (wholly) leave the discourse of the ‘Muslim subject’ to others.

The other components of the cooperative research project focus on a) media representations of an ‘Islamist threat‘ conveyed via anti-Muslim themes, and how critical discourses are articulated and b) how media representations are taken up and addressed in politicians‘ and journalists‘ communications. In addition to this the project asks to what extent these communications (from the respondents‘ perspective) feed into political decision-making processes. 

Funding: Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

Keywords: Further Education, Development, Evaluation, Creators of Arts and Culture