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Good Healthy Preschool Care    

Project duration: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2018

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Susanne Viernickel (University of Leipzig, until 4/2017 at the ASH Berlin)

Project staff: Martin Böhme (M.A.), Maria Ihm (M.A)


  • Bundesverband für Kindertagespflege e. V.

Preschool care is now an important pillar in the early childhood education system in Germany. At the same time, Germany has until now lacked scientifically proven findings on educational, health and quality aspects as well as on educational practice in preschool care.   

The aim of the project is to improve these findings and to provide empirically verified data on health characteristics, as well as workplace-specific burdens and resources of preschool workers, taking into account individual characteristics and structural conditions. Based on the results, recommendations can be made for the further development of qualifications and support services for preschool educators, for the promotion of preventive and health-promoting structures and the further development of pedagogical practice in preschool care. 

A nationwide online survey is aimed at about 1,500 preschool workers. Another online survey is aimed at about 600 parents of children in preschool care. In addition, group discussions are to be held with preschool staff in six federal states as well as six further interviews with experts from the training and specialist counselling of preschool workers.

Furthermore, qualification concepts for preschool professionals are to be systematically analysed with regard to their health-relevant content and competence goals, and the data of the NUBBEK study (2013) will be re-analysed with regard to preschool care.


Keywords: Child Daycare, Preschool, Health, Education, Children, Quality

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