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Online Platform for Healthy and Qualified Home Care Services

Project duration: 01/10/2012 - 31/10/2014

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Reinhold Grün,  Prof. Dr. Vjenka Garms-Homolová (ASH Berlin), Prof. Dr. Gernold Frank, Prof. Dr. Carsten Busch (HTW Berlin)

Project staff: Jacqueline Schoen (ASH Berlin), Jana Gampe (ASH Berlin), Philipp Peusch (HTW Berlin)


  • Deta-Med Hauskrankenpflege GmbH
  • mevanta Pflegegesellschaft mbH

The joint research project aims to set up a sustainable and demand-oriented online platform for home care services. The platform will contain a learning management system for employees with varying levels of skills (e.g.apprentices, immigrants, career changers, older employees) to ensure a modern and effective specialized training and qualification.

Based on the assessment of demands, target marking online learning modules will be developed by using a qualification matrix. This will be achieved by utilizing appropriate in-class lectures (blended learning). The  principal object  is the development of technical prototypes, formats and procedures for the support of online learning which will be working with interacting moving images.

The platform www.zukunftpflege.com offers the technical basis for the exchange of experiences and knowledge of the home care services in Berlin (best practice sharing) as well as for building a network of multipliers, such as nursing care bases, health and nursing care insurances, care agencies, associations and organizations.

Another key point is to examine whether the eLearning  tool  is suitable for the
education training and qualification of low skilled employees in home care services.

Funding: Berlin Institute for Applied Research - Institut für angewandte Forschung Berlin (IFAF Berlin)

"Long night of sciences"
08.06.2013, 5pm to 1am
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
Campus Wilhelminenhof, Gebäude C
EG, Raum G008

"Cure Hamburg"
Congress in Hamburg


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