Student Advisory Service

The general Student Advisory Service at the Student Service Centre at ASH Berlin will advise and guide you on the following topics relating to undergraduate and graduate programmes:

  • What programmes are available?
  • How to choose a degree programme
  • Application and admission requirements
  • How is a degree programme organised?
  • Social advice
  • Finances
  • Balancing studying and family life/work/chronic illness/disability

You can either come to see us during the contact hours or make an appointment to receive comprehensive free advice and guidance. Your information will be treated with confidentiality and you can opt to remain anonymous.

The general Student Advisory Service works closely with other working groups at the Student Service Centre (enrolment, examinations, internships, etc.), with the programme coordinators and subject advisors, the Studierendenwerk (student services) and other internal and external providers of advice and guidance. You can therefore receive comprehensive and competent help and guidance on all matters relating to being a student at ASH Berlin.

For subject-specific questions, please contact your study programme coordinator.

Please also note the current information on the web pages of your study programme. Non-teaching periods and individual absences are only published there.


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Peer-to-Peer Advice

 Advice from students to other students or applicants


  • Questions about financing studies and grants
  • Planning and study management
  • Learning techniques and strategies
  • Anxiety about exams and how to cope
  • Orientation and mediation
  • Exchanging experiences
  • Questions about module management

For advice on any of the above topics, please make an individual appointment with Deborah Jover by email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: peer2peer@ 

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Subject-specific study guidance

If you need subject-specific information about your study programme, please contact the programme coordination team directly.

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