Thank you for your interest in our international, English-speaking postgraduate program Master of Arts "Social Work as a Human Rights Profession" at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Berlin.

To successfully apply, applicants need a strong interest in the field of social work and in human rights issues, as well as deep commitment that should be visible in the application.

Undergraduate Degree

As an applicant for the program you have to hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant field (e.g. Social Sciences, Humanities, Cultural Sciences, Law etc.). Your undergraduate degree has to be equal to a Bachelor's degree with at least 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points.

Work Experience

All applicants must have at least one year of practical experience in a relevant field (Social development and human rights practice etc.).


All applicants must present two recommendation letters from past/current employers and/or academic references, and show proficiency in English language and computer competence.

Application process

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For the academic year 2020/2021 the application period starts October 15, 2019 and will end on March 1, 2020.

Visa candidates should note that processing a student visa application at the German authorities and embassies usually takes three months or longer.

First step

Please fill out the online application form which will be available starting October 15, 2019.

Second step

Please submit the following documents (in the below mentioned order!) via e-mail to

Document Description
1) Letter of Motivation English, two pages, 12 pt font size, 1.5 line spacing
2) Curriculum Vitae English
3) Certificates and Academic Records Undergraduate degree and transcript of academic records (to be validated upon arrival! Do NOT include high school or secondary school certificates.)
4) Two Letters of Evaluation Recommendations from past or current employers and/or academic references (not older than one year at day of application), signed and stamped
5) Work Certificates Attestation of at least 12 months of full-time practical experience in a field relevant to social work and human rights
6) English Language Proficiency Language certificate or attestation of language of conduct in your undergraduate degree
7) Proof of financial ability Statement of financial support, scholarship letter, or bank statements that prove liquidity
Formal Guidelines

We only accept digital copies. Please send your documents as one single PDF file.

Your documents (certificates, academic transcript of records, grading) have to be submitted in their original language, together with a certified translated copy in German or English.

Please make sure to state the period of your occupation(s) (start and end dates) and workload (part-time/full-time job) in your CV, your letters of recommendation as well as all your work cerficates.

Students in a classroom during E-learning session
Selection Criteria
Selection Criteria

The Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences welcomes students from all over the world. Students are selected regardless of sexual identity, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, (non-)disability or national origin. All applications for admission to the M.A. program are evaluated by the Admission Committee based on academic excellence, professional experience, and personal perseverance. The application will only be considered, if the completed application has been submitted before the respective deadlines.

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Fees and Finances

We have to make sure that you can afford your studies and life at ASH. This is why we ask all our applicants for a sufficient proof of financial ability. We highly encourage and support all candidates to apply for scholarships.

Tuition Fees

The Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences has a commitment to offer its students high quality courses at a fair price. As a non-consecutive Master's program students are currently required to pay tuition and registration fees. These non-profitmaking fees are charged to cover both classroom teaching as well as self-paced and online studies.

In total, our full program costs 8420,00 EUR. The tuition fee for full-time degree students is 2640,00 EUR for each of the first three semesters, the fourth and last semester is dedicated to the master thesis and costs 500,00 EUR. An administrative fee of 300,00 EUR which covers admission and registration is to be paid upon accepting the place of study. Additionally, all students have the option to get a public transport ticket for all areas in Berlin for 193,80 EUR per semester. For further information on how the fees are composed, please have a look at our FAQ.

Living Costs

Though life in Berlin is considered to be affordable compared to other European metropoles, we advise to expect 850,00 EUR/month on average for accommodation, food, health insurance, telephone etc.

Germany's Foreigner’s Registration Authorities expect visiting students to have around 850,00 EUR per month (10,236.00 EUR / year) to cover the cost of living. Depending on your nationality, the full amount for the duration of your stay in Germany must be deposited in a separate blocked bank account BEFORE a visa can be issued!


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Supporting Documents

Proof of Financial Ability

To proof your financial ability, please send us:

  • statement of financial support and a confidential bank statement from yourself, a relative or personal sponsor (voucher guarantee) proving sufficient funds to support your studies at the Alice Salomon University and life in Berlin, OR
  • a sponsorship letter from a government agency, organization, institution or school etc.

Please click here for further general information about proving your financial funds.

Formal Guidelines
  • If your country neither uses EURO nor US Dollar, please ensure that you also submit the value of your funds in either currency or the rate of exchange at the time of submitting the form. You can use the following currency converter
  • In case of sending a voucher guarantee, please make sure that both, the letter of guarantee and the bank statements are verified by respective legal authorities, i.e. signed by the respective account owner.
  • Your bank statements should be from the last 6 months.
Practical Experience
Introduction Weeks 2018

Applicants must have a minimum of one year (12 months) practical work experience related to the fields of social work and human rights.

Professional experiences may be a full-time job, internship, voluntary service, self-paced full-time project (with a sufficient documentation and portfolio), trainee-ship, etc. Splitting practical experience to more than one single occupation or employer is also eligible.

Your work experience should be presented as a attestation by your employer. Most importantly, it has to include the name of the organization/employer, your supervisor, a differentiated job description with your performed work tasks, the duration of your placement. All work certificates have to be stamped and signed by your supervisor or HR department by completion.

English Language Proficiency

The language of instruction is English. All applicants must demonstrate a sufficient level of proficiency in English language before being admitted to the Master program; unless one is a native or holds an undergraduate degree in English. The English language certificates should not be older than two years and shall indicate a high score. ONE of the following tests is considered to be sufficient proof:

English Proficiency
Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE)

Test result should be 'GRADE B' or better.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Test result (from the internet-based test, iBT) should be 90 points or better.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Test result should be 6.5 or better.

For Further Questions

For Further Questions:

Please check out our FAQ section where we answered all questions concerning the program, application process, and campus life in Germany. However, do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions via email: swhr@ avoid-unrequested-mailsash-berlin.euor via telephone at  +49 (30) 992 45 286

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Further Questions

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