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Welcome at Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin

Please look around and learn more about the renowned Alice Salomon Hochschule with its innovative undergraduate and graduate programmes in social work, health, and early education, or look for further education with an orientation towards practical applications. We create an inspiring environment for our students as well as for our academic and non-academic staff from around the globe.

Theory and practice

Creating lively cooperation

Lively cooperation among (professional) associations, agencies and organizations is a characteristic feature of the successful transfer from theory to practice and of the research-intense application-oriented institution of higher education.  For instance, the Fröbel Group finances an endowed chair in the Early Childhood Education programme at ASH Berlin. University teachers engage in joint research with childcare facilities or partner universities to examine current questions of social or health policy or issues relating to early childhood education. Students, too, through their internship semesters and volunteer work, some of which takes place in Hellersdorf, make valuable contributions to the exchange between science and professional practice. [more]

ASH Berlin & research

Academic inquiry in dialogue with professional practice

Research is an integral part of the development of higher education. ASH Berlin supports the research activities of its teachers and is the recipient of considerable external funding. ASH Berlin students participate in research projects and are qualified to pursue independent research right up to the acquisition of a doctoral degree.  ASH Berlin is engaged in continual and productive dialogue with professionals in the field, thereby ensuring that its research activities are application-oriented and relevant to professional practice. At the same time, it is contributing to the innovative advancement of established practice.  The results of ASH Berlin research are released in numerous publications. [more]

Did you know?

Acquiring a doctorate at a university of applied scienes

Acquiring a doctorate is an increasingly attractive prospect for women and men who hold a degree from a university of applied sciences. Under the Act on Higher Education of the Federal State of Berlin, university of applied sciences graduates are eligible to pursue doctorates. ASH Berlin supports doctoral work within the framework of its Graduate Collegia and in cooperation with universities that award doctoral degrees. Women pursuing a doctorate are supported by ASH Berlin through doctoral colloquia and through the Alice Salomon Scholarship Programme for Women. If you need further Informations, please contact the women's officer