ASH Berlin / Research

Research in dialogue with professional practice

Research is integral to the development of higher education. Application-based research at ASH Berlin is aimed at the development and/or scientific management of innovations in professional practices in the social care and healthcare fields. Engaging in this type of research is also essential to ensuring that instruction and further training reflect the latest developments in the various disciplines.

Research at ASH Berlin focuses on three main areas:

Furthermore research on life and work of the school´s founder Alice Salomon is carried out.

In an environment characterized by continual and bi-directional flow of knowledge between the university and professional practice, the primary emphasis is on the implementation of new approaches, processes or solutions to problems, which are fostered through close ties between the development of professional practices and scientific analysis.

ASH Berlin began to promote the research activities of its affiliates early on in many ways: by freeing up its own resources (hours of course relief and research sabbaticals), supporting the acquisition of outside funding and entering into both regional and international research collaborations. 

This strategy has been successful: Since 2005, ASH Berlin professors have been involved in over 100 research projects, 30 of which involved regional or international collaboration. ASH Berlin teachers have published their findings in around 950 monographs, scientific papers and articles. The amount of external funding going to ASH Berlin research has increased from €4860.000  in 2008 to €1.580.000 in 2012. This development is result of the successful acquisition of a few huge research projects with a respective amount of funding, cooperations in research consortia with universities and practice partners as well as the funding of the Berlin Institute for Applied Research (IFAF Berlin). 

Universities of Applied Sciences in Berlin collaborating in research

To strengthen research at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Berlin and to encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology into professional practice: that is the aim of the Berlin Institute for Applied Research (IFAF Berlin). It bundles practical competences in research in order to promote collaborative projects of the Universities of Applied Sciences and regional partners from Berlin-Brandenburg. The IFAF Competence Centre for Integration and Health at the ASH Berlin coordinates and supports collaborative projects with the focus on transcultural and migration research, health services research through to scientific learning and educating.