Workplace Health Promotion Steering Committee

At ASH Berlin, health promotion for employees has been a tradition since 2008. Especially in times of upheaval and growth, as is currently the case at ASH Berlin, in addition to the special situation of a pandemic, it is important to keep an eye on the health of employees and to find solutions for the healthiest possible working environment and climate.

In March 2020, the "alice gesund" project started a new project phase in which workplace health promotion is to be continued in cooperation with the AOK Nordost.

For this purpose, the Academic Senate set up a steering committee for workplace health promotion (WHP). The central goal of the steering committee is to identify goals and measures that promote the bio-psycho-social health of all employees and students at ASH Berlin. The goals and measures are to be regularly formulated, reviewed and coordinated with the members of the university. The BGF steering committee takes up health-related concerns of the members of the administration, the university lecturers, the academic staff, i.e. the scientific staff, teaching staff with special tasks and the lecturers, structures them and develops system- or person-related offers and measures under the framework conditions of ASH Berlin.

The core aim is to create healthy working and study conditions at ASH Berlin and to strengthen health-related competences and potentials. In this respect, the relationship, behavioural and system levels are to be developed in the sense of sustainable, holistic occupational health management, which includes obligatory elements, such as occupational health and safety and occupational integration management, as well as optional elements, such as occupational health promotion, with course offerings. Accordingly, holistic occupational health management is not an individual task of one person or one instance, but the responsibility for health is to be taken on continuously by all and as a cross-sectional task within the framework of organisational and human resource development (Leitbild der ASH Berlin).

The work of the BGF steering committee is based on the principles of prevention, health promotion and empowerment. For this high standard, especially the associated change management, we welcome any feedback, additions or improvements regarding the already established standards, sub-projects and individual measures.

The "alice gesund" project is funded from 2020-2024 by the AOK Nordost for workplace health promotion and by the TK for student health management. You can find more information on the structure of the project at: Über uns

The steering committee members of the BGF are elected every two years during the summer semester. Interested persons and/or supporters are welcome to contact us in the meantime.


[1] For an explanation of the terms cf:

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Intervision groups

In the steering committee of workplace health promotion (WHP), measures that had already been developed by alice gesund in the past and should be taken up again were discussed. One of these priority measures to be taken up again was the (revival) of the intervision groups as a place for collegial exchange and consultation.

We therefore used the distributors hsl@, verwaltung@ and gastdoz@ from 01.12.-14.12.2021 to ask university members whether they already participate in intervision groups (IVG), whether they are interested in participating in an IVG, whether they would like a new IVG to be formed that they could join - and whether they would need training first, if so.

51 people participated. And 27 of the people answered all the questions.

Currently, according to our survey, there are 10 people actively participating in an IVG and 23 people who would like to join a group.

The feedback on the needs of the active groups is that there are currently vacancies in three groups and one group would like to be supported by "alice gesund" to recruit new members. The need for renewed training does not exist in any group, but in one group there is a wish for supervision.

Of the 23 people who would like to participate in an IVG, ten have indicated a desire for training.

We are now contacting the people who left contact details. We are planning a training for all employees in the first half of 2022.

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