Student Staff Council

As an annually elected body of the university, we represent student employees. On this site, we have put together some important information on job placements and employment legislation for student employees at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to write or email us. Of course, you are also invited to come to our office hours! I urgent cases, however, we also recommend advisory and counseling offered by RefRat of Humboldt University of Berlin.

Services and goals

We are always available to all student employees at ASH as contact persons.

We have the following tasks as our current agenda:

  • We see ourselves as a source of information for all student employees (e.g. questions about holidays, illness, termination of employment, issues and complaints with the employer)
  • We strive for compliance with employee rights, such as the four-semester conclusion of employment contracts
  • We strive for transparent, public job postings to ensure an equal access to the university's labor market

Our current goals in our work are:

  • Enforcement of employment the longest limitation possible
  • A good cooperation with the university
  • Transparent procedures of job placements for all
  • Improvement of working conditions
  • Compliance with work safety laws
  • Representation of employees' interests

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International Affairs

Towards an international, equal work environment

As of 2019, the Student Staff Council decided to enforce new goals towards an internationally equal job market at Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences.

As an institution committed to an open-minded, welcoming and international basic understanding, Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin is also home to many students who have little or no German language skills. The group of international students, however, also includes students with work permit. It is evident that most job postings are almost exclusively written and published in German language. This also applies to job placements that are set in an international framework of discipline, research and work. As the Student Staff Council, we are committed to equal job opportunities for all applicants and of course, kindly offer you advise and counseling on non-German-speaking application procedures. For this reason, the Student Staff Council is forcing a structural change within the university, in order to create an understanding for your concerns in the administration.

We are currently:

  • Examining the justification of the necessity of exclusively German-speaking tenders
  • Encouraging the university administration to commit itself more intensively to internationality, also on the job market
  • Aiming for more integration and international sensitivity, i.e. addressing foreign-language students
  • Promoting equal job opportunities under the General Equal Treatment Act
  • Self-examining our responsibility for integration and support of international students in our affairs as the Student Staff Council. Consequently, we strive for international communication, also from our side.

Working in Germany

EU-citizens don’t need a work permit. However, EU citizens who study in Germany are not allowed to work in Germany without a German health insurance plan. As long as you are using your EHIC card from your EU home country, you are not allowed to start working. Moreover, you will be required to have a valid residence permit for Germany. Click here for more information on working as an EU-citizen and student.

International students from outside the EU can work 90 days full-time, or 180 days part-time (4 hours a day) in one year without a work permit. However, work permits should expressly started in your residence title. Applications for employment permits must be addressed to the Foreigners’ Registration Office. For more information, please check their website.

On the following website you will find contact persons and information for people who want to learn about discrimination at ASH or who would like to inform themselves about this topic. In particular for student employees, applicants and interested parties, we are available as a student staff council by email and duringour office hours.

Guidance and Support


Studentischer Personalrat

Student Staff Council

Room No. G009

Jeder erste Freitag im Monat, 13-14 Uhr

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