The International Certificate

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The International Certificate

What is the International Certificate? 

With the International Certificate, ASH Berlin rewards students who have been committed to international activities during their studies with an additional certificate.

What do I have to do in order to receive it?

Sign up as soon as possible and collect 150 points within three of four components (see graphic below). Any activities that you have already undertaken in previous semesters can also be counted afterwards towards your International Certificate.

About the International Certificate

NB! The International Certificate is currently issued in German only.

With the International Certificate, ASH Berlin rewards students who have been committed to international activities during their studies with an additional certificate. The certificate lists all internationally oriented activities which have been completed by the students during their study programme in a single document. Instead of various separate 'Scheine' they will have the opportunity to add one striking document to their application portfolios that represents their international endeavours.

Flexibility and simplicity

Students have the choice between various activities they can undertake and which can be counted towards the International Certificate. They can choose, firstly, three of four components, which must be completed with 50 points each and secondly, different activities within these components. 


To receive the International Certificate, students must collect 150 points in three of four components. The points are awarded by the International Office and are independent of the ECTS credits that students receive for their participation in lectures and seminars. Points can be awarded for participation in certain courses within their study programme and also for optional extra-curricular activities, including e.g. a stay abroad. To make it easier for students to fulfill all necessary components and collect all supporting documents, students are advised to apply as soon as possible for the International Certificate and to visit us during our office hours for a personal consultation.

We recommend coming for a first consultation and registering for the certificate no later than in your second to last semester!

Internationalisation - for the university and its students

With the introduction of the International Certificate, ASH Berlin wants to motivate students to orient their studies internationally and to make use of the already existing services and opportunities offered at ASH Berlin. As a reward, participating students finish their studies equipped not only with new qualifications and experiences but also a compelling document for their future career.

The modifications of the International Certificate

The 'new' International Certificate replaces the previous format and was expanded extensively. Students who began their studies at ASH Berlin in the summer term of 2015 or later are only eligible for the certificate presented here. Students who started their studies before the summer term of 2015 can also apply for the previous version of the Certificate. If you are interested in the older version of the International Certificate, please contact Prof. Dr. Johannes Kniffki.

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Four components - 150 points

Spoilt for choice: The four components of the International Certificate

The International Certificate can be obtained by ASH students if, during the period of their study programme, they show active involvement and participation in three of the following four components:


  • International commitment
  • International experiences
  • Curriculum
  • Self-reflection

The four options make it possible to e.g. still receive the International Certificate if a student is not able to go abroad.

Points, not credits

Within the International Certificate programme, the International Office awards points for activities with an international orientation. These points are not equivalent to the (ECTS) credits gained from participation in courses belonging to a study programme. Additionally, the points are awarded not only for ASH events and seminars, but also for active involvement outside of ASH Berlin.

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