Language Tandems at ASH Berlin

Do you want to learn German or another language with a native speaker outside the usual classroom setting? Welcome to Language Tandems!

A language tandem is about learning a language and cultural exchange at the same time. Two people with different mother tongues or very high proficiency in different languages meet and get to know their languages and cultures. Both teach and study at the same time – outside of the classroom and focussing on individual needs and wishes.

Since September 2012, ASH Berlin offers the language tandem programme, bringing international and German ASH students together. Language tandems do not only motivate German students to go abroad, but they may turn into friendships and social networks that last, even after the end of the tandem.

Tandem wall

On the third floor, next to room 350, you can find our tandem wall with current language offers. The wall is open to anyone interested in a language tandem and we will update the wall after each semester. The tandem wall provides you with blank sheets which you can use for your language offer. Each semester, the tandem wall features at least ten different languages – from Turkish to Catalan!