Sage SAGE! Establishing system-relevant academization in a gender and diversity-focused wayProfessorial staff for SAGE disciplines

Professorial staff for SAGE disciplines

The Sage SAGE! research project at ASH Berlin aims to develop and recruit professorial staff for the SAGE disciplines during the university's current phase of strong growth and to retain them at the university in the long term. The project is funded by the "FH-Personal" program set up by the federal and state governments. The project will run for six years (September 2021 - August 2027) and is divided into three sub-projects. The university has established eight focus professorships, which represent and work on specific topics in the sub-projects.

The long-term goals of the three sub-projects include

  • Supporting SAGE academics on the career path to a professorship
  • Gaining and relieving professors for structural development
  • Creating space for research
  • Support for refugee, exiled and BiPoC academics
  • Supporting experienced professionals on the path to a professorship

About the "FH-Personal" funding program

In order for universities of applied sciences (HAW, formerly universities of applied sciences) to continue to fulfill their task of educating specialists in an application-oriented and scientifically sound manner in the future, they are dependent on qualified personnel. However, filling professorships poses a particular challenge because - in contrast to universities - there is no structured career path at UAS, but the qualification requirements are very high. Recruitment requirements for professors are proven teaching experience, a special aptitude for academic work, usually proven by a doctorate, and at least five years of professional experience (three of which must be outside of the university). Against the background of the current lack of applications for professorships at UAS, the federal and state governments have launched the "UAS Personnel" funding program to recruit and qualify professorial staff at UAS, in which 64 universities across Germany are being funded.

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