Evaluation of the "Healthy Kids Network in Brandenburg"

Project duration: 01/11/2018 - 30/04/2019

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Raimund Geene, Prof. Dr. Gesine Bär

Project staff: Ulrike von Haldenwang, Joachim Kuck, Quintus Sleumer, Katharina Lietz

Partner: Netzwerk Gesunde Kinder

The aim of the research project is to evaluate the satisfaction of Brandenburg parents with the services offered by the Healthy Children Network and the effect of the network on parents.

In close cooperation with the ministerial client and with the state coordination of the network, field knowledge is collected within the framework of a rapid appraisal and access to the field is created. Interviews are conducted with both network families and non-use families. Results from the evaluated interviews are reflected in focus groups and documented in the form of a final report including conclusions and recommendations for action.

The results will provide guidance on how to properly incentivize parents to join the network, and to what extent the network will have the desired impact on parents' families / parents. In addition, supplementary needs and requirements for care structures and services will be identified. To this extent, the evaluation can contribute to the qualitative development of the Healthy Children Network.

Funding:  Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the State of Brandenburg (MBJS)

Keywords: Evaluation, Health Promotion, Triangulation, Young Families