Interprofessional Tutorials

Project duration: 01/01/2016 - 31/08/2017

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Silke Dennhardt (ASH Berlin), Prof. Dr. Cornelia Heinze (EH Berlin), Dr. Marianne Rabe (Gesundheitsakademie für Aus-, Fort- und Weiterbildung der Charité - Unversitätsmedizin Berlin)   

Project staff: Kathrin Reichel, Charité - Unversitätsmedizin Berlin   


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Ewers (Charité - Unversitätsmedizin Berlin, Institut für Gesundheits- und Pflegewissenschaft)
  • Prof. Dr. Adelheid Kuhlmey (Charité - Unversitätsmedizin Berlin, Prodekanin für Studium und Lehre)

Healthcare services require a team-based and collaborative approach from different health professionals. The project interTUT uses peer-assisted learning approaches and extracurricular tutorials in order to address this issue. In this second phase of the project the main objective is to establish these tutorials on a permanent basis and embed them within study programmes.

Funding: Robert Bosch Stiftung

Key words: Interprofessional Education, Peer-assisted Learning, Interprofessional Cooperation

Kathrin Reichel, kathrin.reichel@