Competence Tinkering "Setting Approach and Health: Participatory Methods"

Project duration: 15/03/2019 - 30/09/2021

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Gesine Bär

Project staff: Azize Kasberg, Claudia Markert (from 01/03/20) ,Patrick Müller (until 30/09/20), Flora Griebel & Zoé Speltz (from 21/09/20)


Participation is considered a key strategy of municipal health promotion. This is especially true for the promotion of health equity. Here the KluG projekt comes in and offers both: the development of competencies as well as practical experiences. The project aims at a modular workshop curriculum. Experienced actors of municipal health promotion will be included in the conception. The workshop's curriculum including embedded projects will be tried out in three runs. Training materials will be developed and a decentralized network of trainers will be established. This way the workshops should be perpetuated and easily accessible nationwide.

Project objectives:
A consolidated workshop format to built up competence in participatory approaches in municipal settings of health promotion is available. Training materials and adviced projects complement the competence development.
A network of trainers is being set up. A concept for consolidation of a regularly offered workshop program is available nationwide.

Funding: Federal Centre for Health Education on behalf and with funds of the statutory health insurance according to § 20a SGB V
GKV-Bündnis für Gesundheit

Keywords: Participation, Health Equity, Integrated Community Strategies, Competencies, Workshop