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Learning Arts

Fundamental Qualification for Creative Artists of any Field Based on a Participative, Biographical Approach

Task group ASH Berlin: Research and Evaluation

Task group ACT e.V. (formerly Mitspielgelegenheit e.V.): Conceptual development and trial runs

Project duration: 01/09/2014 - 31/08/2017

Principal investigator: Prof. Johanna Kaiser (ASH Berlin)

Sub-Project leader: Maike Plath (MSG)

Project staff: Elisabeth Schneider, Nadja Damm, Anne Lindner; Stefanie López (MSG)

Partner: Mitspielgelegenheit e.V.


"Learning Arts" (Lernkünste ) is a collaborative project of ASH Berlin and ACT e.V. (formerly Mitspielgelegenheit e.V.). The aim of “Learning Arts” is the development of a multi-level certificated course for creative artists to gain a qualification in delivering cultural-educational programmes to children and young people. Children and young people grow up in a society in which they experience social segregation. Therefore, the main purpose of cultural-educational work is to actively encourage cooperation. The basis of our concept is an educational approach focusing on mutual respect and the skills to encourage autonomy and participation. In this regard “Learning Arts“ is based on a proven method of participative, biographical theatre work provided by ACT e.V.

The intended qualification course will not only present a methodical and didactical programme of theatre pedagogy, the knowledge and the competencies of the participating creative artists will also be the basic requirement to develop specific methods of presentation and communication for any type of cultural-educational work.

The concept of this qualification course is also based on the results of a critical analysis of the current state of qualification, as well as on the results of research into practical theatre work with young people. Two trial runs of the qualification modules are to be scientifically monitored and evaluated. At the end of these test runs, feedback and scientific evaluation thereof will shape the final version of the certificate course. In this respect, the development process of the qualification takes place in a continuous exchange between theory and practice.

ASH Berlin is overseeing both the scientific management and the wider coordination of the project. The conceptual development and test runs will be delivered by ACT e.V. The aim is that this new qualification course will be an integral part of the ASH curriculum in 2018 (in cooperation with the “Zentrum für Weiterbildung” / Centre for Continuing Education). By the end of the project term in 2017 it will be delivered as an open course by ACT e.V.

Funding:  Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Keywords:  Methodical-Didactical Qualification, Creative Artists, Certified Course, Participative, Biographical Approach

Nadja Damm, nadja.damm@ avoid-unrequested-mailsash-berlin.eu
Elisabeth Schneider, elisabeth.schneider@ avoid-unrequested-mailsash-berlin.eu

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