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Treatment-Related Care Needs of Ambulatory Treated Oncology Patients in their Home Environment and its Economic Implications

Project duration: 01/06/2010 - 31/12/2011

Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Jutta Räbiger (ASH Berlin), Prof. Dr. Jochen Breinlinger O'Reilly (HWR Berlin)

Project staff: Dr. Sabine Kies, Christiane Gollin, Katrin Jettowski, Maren Knade

Home Care Berlin e.V.
Gesundheitspflege Helle Mitte GmbH
Konferenz onkologischer Kranken- und Kinderkrankenpflege
Prof. Dr. Uwe Bettig MPH
Prof. Dr. Peter Hensen

In addition to the project, an advisory board was established, in which among other the German Cancer Society and the German Cancer Aid are represented.

Funding: Institut für angewandte Forschung (IFAF Berlin)

Prof. Dr. Jutta Räbiger 
raebiger@ avoid-unrequested-mailsash-berlin.eu

Prof. Dr. Jochen Breinlinger O'Reilly 
Jochen.Breinlinger@ avoid-unrequested-mailshwr.de

Dr. Sabine Kies / Christiane Golin 
aop@ avoid-unrequested-mailsash-berlin.eu

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