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Lifeworlds of Dementia Patients of Turkish Origin and their Families in Germany. A Study on Resources and Burdens

Project duration: 01/12/2011-30/11/2014

Principal investigators: Prof. Olivia Dibelius, Evangelische Hochschule Berlin (EHB), Prof. Erika Feldhaus-Plumin (EHB), Prof. Gudrun Piechotta-Henze (ASH Berlin)

Project staff:  Yve Weidlich, Dilek Yalniz


  • aliacare Ambulanter Pflegedienst
  • Alzheimer-Gesellschaft Berlin e.V.
  • AWO
  • Charité Berlin
  • Deutsch Türkischer Pflegedienst
  • Diakonisches Werk, UPD
  • Kamil Tagespflege
  • Pflegedienst Generation

The goal of understanding the lifeworlds of people of Turkish origin with dementia and their families has been made operational by determining and analysing the resources, burdens and self-stated needs of family carers in their interactions with their affected relatives. With the aim of initiating and consolidating synergy effects and networking, the results of the relevant literature and document analysis (such as training and counselling programmes, brochures, educational films, leaflets), which focus above all on transculturality and will be distributed and brought

The research group is also taking first steps towards creating a nationwide network in Germany, drafting recommendations in German and Turkish for decision makers in healthcare, education and politics, and increasing the transfer of knowledge between research and practice. Furthermore, the research group hopes to contribute to lifting the taboo on dementia through public relations campaigns tailored for target groups.

Funding: Anonymous donor, AOK Nordost


Prof.in Dr.in Gudrun Piechotta-Henze

Professorin für Pflegewissenschaft

Room No. 424

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Foto von Gudrun Piechotta-Henze

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