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Palliative Care

Training Programmes, Implementation and Evaluation at the Protestant Hospital Göttingen-Weende

Project duration: September 2011 to February 2012
(The final survey will be carried out in February 2013, one year after the conclusion of the training programme)

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Gudrun Piechotta-Henze (ASH Berlin)

Project staff: Fenja Meyer, Claudia Ssymmank (Research Phase I), Katharina König, Tanja Splettstößer (Research Phase IV)

Partners:  Evangelisches Krankenhaus Göttingen-Weende gGmbH

The Protestant Hospital Göttingen-Weende organised its first continuing education programme (approx. 40 hours) for nursing staff working in palliative care. This training programme was free of charge for hospital staff and was counted as working hours.

Professor Gudrun Piechotta-Henze and students of the Healthcare and Nursing Management course at Alice Salomon University offered scientific guidance and carried out the evaluation of this pilot project.

The scientific team modified certain aspects of the training programme based on interim and final results, including programme subjects (for example, more in-depth handling of the topic Discussions with Family Members) and teaching methods (for example, more role play exercises). Furthermore, they defined requirements for an in-house organisational culture that facilitates support and care according to palliative principles.

The participants' feedback was so positive that the training programme both for nursing staff and for other vocational staff (social workers, physiotherapists, etc.) will be continued.

The chief objectives in providing palliative care training for hospital staff are the following:

  • Improve care and support for seriously ill and terminally ill patients and offer appropriate service quality.
  • Enhance the feeling of safety and self-assurance of staff members working with such patients.
  • Reinforce the image of the church-run hospital under both ethical and Christian principles.

Funding: Evangelisches Krankenhaus Göttingen-Weende gGmbH

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