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White Task Force on the Development of Skills of Social Welfare Professionals Working with Vulnerable Groups

Project duration: 06/12/2013-31/12/2014

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Heinz Stapf-Finé, Prof. Dr. Michael Brodowski

Project staff: Andrea Metzner, Maria Schalo

Project partners:

  • Provincia di Milano - Institute for Protection and Assistance to Childhood
  • Vilnius University - Faculty of Philosophy
  • National Development Agency Bulgaria

The WIT project was initiated to deepen and exchange knowledge on “Social Innovation in Europe“ by covering changes to society. We use experiences derived from valuable Italian, Bulgarian and Lithuanian projects, initiatives and practices relevant to the field. To this end, national and international experiences from the public, private and non-profit social sector will be included. One focus has been to explore the themes of “Family composition, the effects of labour relations and the difficulties of financing social change in an era of budget constraints.“


  • 2nd Coordination Meeting/ 2nd Round-Table and 1st International Conference: May 14 - 16 2014, Berlin, Germany
  • 3nd Coordination Meeting/ 3nd Round-Table/ 2nd Seminar and 2nd Workshop: June 25 - 26 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 2nd International Conference, 3rd Seminar, 3rd and 4th Workshop: September 24 - 26 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 5th Workshop und Closing Conference: December 4 - 5 2014, Milan, Italy


Funding: European Commission, Programme PROGRESS

Key words: WIT Project, Social Work, Innovation, Quality, Social Management


Project website: witproject.eu


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