Scientific Monitoring of the Health Action Program of the State of Berlin

Project duration: 19/10/2021 - 30/06/2022

Principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Raimund Geene

Project staff: Laurette Rasch (MSc Public Health), Katharina Lietz (MSc Public Health)


In 2014, the state of Berlin launched the "Action Program Health" (APG). With this program, approaches to health promotion and prevention are developed and strengthened, and networking structures are established. With the multifaceted approach, the state of Berlin has created a funding instrument through the APG, through which the Senate Administration is able to act in a special way, for example, in questions of cooperation on the state framework agreement in accordance with § 20f of the Social Code Book V. In addition, measures based on discussions and resolutions of the State Health Conference can be supported and implemented.
The project "Scientific Monitoring of the Health Action Program - WiBAG" is intended to help identify strengths and limitations of the APG and further optimize its internal design as a management tool.
An important goal of the scientific support research in WiBAG is to conceptually condense the various elements of the APG and, in particular, to communicate the cooperation potentials with the partners in health promotion and prevention. In this way, the APG is also to be developed as a control and implementation instrument for health promotion and prevention measures in the state of Berlin.

Funding: Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality

Keywords:  Health Promotion, Prevention, Regional Programs