Media Workshop

Film, Video, Multimedia –  everything that can be made to move through audiovisual media can be tested out in the media workshop.

Active work with film and video often plays an important role in numerous projects in cultural social work or supplements the methods used in this field. 

The focus often documenting projects or presenting certain facilities. For example, students produce filmed portraits of social workers or of the target groups of social work. People speak in front of the camera about their subjective experience of history. Social movements and processes are documented and fictional films are also produced here. The workshop strives to inspire students to engage with the art of film and with audiovisual media in their own learning.   

The methods of video observation and the analysis are often a topic in various classes at ASH Berlin. Key focus areas are the perception of interactive situations and social spaces, such as in day-care centres, in neighbourhoods or in group discussions.  

And to a limited extend we are also able to support you in your research, both ethnographically and visually-sociologically.


The focus of our equipment is on video technology, including various cameras, lighting, sound and other equipment. In additions, students can  experiment with a blue-box and with animation.

The editing stations offer a wide range of editing facilities, from the very simple selection of scenes to complex sound-image montages and image modification.

Although old film technology is no longer available, you can find suggestions for crafting precursors to film, such as "Lebensrad" and a trick box.

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Tutor:innen Medienwerkstatt

Betreuung von und mit audio-visuellen Medien und Medienbildung
Raum 214
medienwerkstatt@ avoid-unrequested-mails
T (+49 30) 99 245 281

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