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The student representatives on Faculty Council I (FeiR - Für euch im Rat) are asking for active support:

Education Commission:

Half of the seats on the Education Commission belong to students - actually - because two of the four seats are still vacant and there are no deputies...
What is your role on this committee? In short: to have a say in the curriculum and actively contribute to improving the course.

Appointments committee:

In this committee, students take on an advisory role in the appointment procedure for professors. In short, this means that students have the opportunity to gain an insight into the application and selection process for potential professors.
There are several unoccupied chairs for the following areas:
- Theory, Practice and Methods of International Cooperation
- Legal Foundations of Social Work with a Focus on Family Law and Child and Youth Welfare Law
- Professorship of Social Work with a Focus on Criminology & Resocialization
- Law in Social Work with a Focus on Livelihood Security, Basic Security & Social Benefits

And now?

If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information. We would be happy to suggest interested parties for the next department meeting. :)

Now is the opportunity to get involved in university politics. Our voices should be heard ;)

For you in the council

Caro Gerstmann
Mara Grohmann
Jörn Märtin
Martin Falk
Sebastian Bernhardt

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