Programme structure, design, and modules

The classroom and lecture based programme amounts to a total of 120 credit points. 

Taken full-time, the programme takes four semesters. Students who have family obligations and/or are working, part-time study is also possible. In this variant, the modules are distributed over about seven semesters. 

Programme concept (study plan for the four-semester full-time programme):

  • The modules are devoted to the following subjects: 
  • Health economics and policies that shape the conditions of nursing 
  • Rehabilitation (also in an international context)
  • Health sciences
  • Interdisciplinary management competence 
  • Corporate management and strategic quality management 
  • Ethics
  • Legal questions in the health sector

as well as to the following methodological issues: 

  • Methods of research, study design, and evaluation 

The project phase starts as early as the second semester. Here, students are encouraged to test their theoretical and practical knowledge with case studies and/or quite practically in cooperating facilities. 

In the third semester, in addition to their chosen project seminar, students also take the modules of their chosen area of specialisation: 

  • Specialisation I: Management and business administration
  • Specialisation II: Research and quality development

Further information you can find on our German website.

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