M.A. Public Health

Since winter semester 2016/2017 the consecutive study programme in "Master of Science in Public Health" (MScPH) has been offered at the Berlin School of Public Health with 60 study places. The study programme is jointly operated by Charité, TU Berlin and ASH Berlin. The seminars and lectures mainly take place at Charité and TU Berlin.

The next intake of the four-semester Master’s study programme is open for applications from ASH Berlin graduates of the Bachelor’s study programmes in Healthcare and Nursing Management, Physiotherapy/Occupational therapy, Social Work, and Early Childhood Education and to graduates of study programmes relevant to public health from other universities from 01.06. - 15.07.2022.

Here you can find further information about the programme and the application procedure. 

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Study programme at a glance

Combining both science and practice, the areas of work and methods covered by the Public Health study programme focus on avoiding illnesses, extending life spans and promoting physical and mental health while considering the fair distribution and efficient use of available resources. Public Health deals with the structuring of healthcare and the social conditions for preserving the health of the population.

An overview of the study programme concept and modular structure can be found on the website of the Berlin School of Public Health.

The Master’s study programme in Public Health enables students to:

  • analyse and assess the health situation of the overall population and specific populations at the municipal, regional and national level as well as compared internationally;
  • identify physical, mental, social and environmental conditions of health and disease and their mutual impact on each other;
  • analyse and assess the structure, cost development and dynamics in healthcare systems;
  • evaluate supply structures and services as well as preventative and health-promoting programmes;
  • plan, perform and evaluate measures aimed at prevention and promoting health as well as curative, rehabilitative, nursing and palliative care.
  • recognise public health problems and task areas, independently develop and formulate scientifically based solutions;
  • systematically take gender and social differences into account in public health

Graduates of the Master’s study programme in Public Health are qualified for positions related to public health in science, politics and consulting. They are also qualified to commence higher management careers and doctoral studies.

The Public Health MA is a full-time study programme and has a standard duration of four semesters.

Successful graduates of the study programme are awarded the academic and professionally qualifying degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.). It is formally equal to master’s degrees from universities and is entitled to a doctorate.

ASH Berlin does not charge tuition fees for the study programme. Students are only required to pay semester fees and contributions. Approx. 300 euros is payable per semester, which includes the semester ticket for public transport.