Academic Senate

The Academic Senate (AS) is an academic administrative body and the university’s highest decision-making committee, encompassing all status groups at ASH Berlin.

The Academic Senate is responsible for areas such as

  • Setting up and phasing out study programmes
  • Devising basic principles for teaching, studying and examinations
  • Passing resolutions on university development plans
  • Passing resolutions on proposals for electing the University Board
  • Making position statements on the draft budget

The Academic Senate can draw on committees for support and advice. The committee members are appointed by the representatives of their member groups in the Academic Senate.

To find out whether student representatives are currently required for committees and other bodies, please check the German web page. If you’d like to get involved, please contact the student representatives of the Academic Senate.

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AstA – General Students' Committee

 The General Students' Committee (German: Allgemeiner Studierenden-Auschuss, AStA for short) meets several times every month during the teaching period. The right of the student body to participate in academic administration is set out in the Berlin Higher Education Act. The representatives of AStA represent and support students according to their assigned topic areas and offer regular consultation hours.

The AStA teams and topic areas:

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