Drei Studierende des Master of Arts Studiengangs Gestión de Conflictos Interculturales sitzen an einem Tisch und unterhalten sich.

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People Teacher of the Year: Another award for IGo degree program

Auf dem Foto sind 2 Personen zu sehen die nebeneinander stehen und in die Kamera lächeln. Sie halten ein Geschenk bzw. eine Urkunde in der Hand.

Claudia Czernik and André Heinz, lecturers on the Interprofessional Healthcare - online (IGo) course, take first and second place.

Study, Postgraduate Master Extended application deadlines for international Master's degree programs

Apply now for the continuing education programs Intercultural Conflict Management and Social Work as a Human Rights Profession!

News Federal government's "Startup Factories"competition: Berlin-Brandenburg project "UNITE" in the final

Consortium with ASH Berlin is one of the selected finalists, announces Dr. Robert Habeck

Study Studying at ASH Berlin - apply now for the winter semester 2024/25!

Information on the application procedure and allocation of study places in the winter semester 2024/25

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Thursday, 20.06.2024 | 15:00 University life "A public text": How do we design the south façade of the university?

Picture of the university with south facade showing Barbara Köhler's poem

Appreciation of the artwork by Barbara Köhler and presentation of the future redesign

Wed, 19.06.2024 | 12:00 University life Campus Transferale „Meeting in the center of the periphery“

The Campus Transferale team invites university members, neighborhoods and cooperation partners to a festival on Alice-Salomon-Platz

Thu, 20.06.2024 | 16:00 University life Summer party 2024

Students, teachers and staff of ASH Berlin are cordially invited!

Thu, 20.06.2024 | 17:30 ONLINE, Health Digital Salon 2024: IPE transfer into practice

Interprofessional training station - IPE transfer into practice with Birgit Wershofen

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Changeover "You can also make progress when sledging without snow."

Interview: Marielle Raupach, speech therapist and ASH alumna of the Healthcare Management degree program

Learning & Teaching Climate Challenge has started!

Try out more climate-friendly practices for a month and learn more about structural sustainability transformations.

Learning & Teaching Developing the library together

How the ASH Berlin library wants to involve users in the redesign of its spaces.

Changeover "Blueprint for a SAGE perspective on the link between the climate crisis and child welfare"

Representatives of ASH Berlin took part in the symposium "Climate crisis and child welfare risks" organized by the German Professional Association for…