Tuesday, 16.07.2024 | 12:00 University life Flag raising on the occasion of Pride Week

The progress pride flag

Progressive flag and Trans*Pride flag are hoisted in front of ASH Berlin and Marzahn-Hellersdorf town hall

Thursday, 19.09.2024 | 12:00 Conference Anniversary conference 20 years of childhood education degree programs

The conference is aimed at child education practitioners, educational policy stakeholders, graduates, students and specialist/teaching staff.

Thursday, 19.09.2024 | 17:24 ONLINE, Health Digital Salon 2024: Interprofessional expertise

Working collaboratively in varying healthcare teams with Prof. Dr. Simone van Kampen

Wednesday, 16.10.2024 | 10:00 Information event, Social work Info event for internship semesters and internships abroad

Questions about the internship semester and internships abroad? Come to the information event at Minimax!

Thursday, 28.11.2024 | 17:30 ONLINE, Health Digital Salon 2024: Transformation of the practice

New interprofessional approaches in healthcare practice - exchange on successful practical examples