Digitization committee (DGK)

The DGK was established in 2022 by a decision of the university management and meets six times a year.

With the establishment of the DGK, ASH Berlin addresses the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, aligns strategically, and actively, sustainably, and collaboratively shapes the digitization process at the university with participants from different stakeholder groups of the university.

The DGK's task is to establish, further develop, and continuously improve the digitization process and the use of information technologies (IT), as well as the associated work processes in study and teaching, research and transfer, continuing education, and administration at ASH Berlin. In this process, accessibility, equal opportunities, anti-discrimination and equal participation, sustainability, data protection, and IT security are given special consideration.


Specific tasks include:

  • Developing a digitalization strategy
  • Advising the university management on the implementation of the digitalization strategy
  • Initiating and steering digitalization projects
  • Communicating digitalization projects to the departments and central facilities
  • Advising the CIO body, which is responsible for the operational implementation of strategic digitalization measures
  • Discourse on necessary structures in study and teaching, research, administration, as well as transfer and Third Mission
  • Strategic integration and consideration of digitalization needs and IT requirements of the various member groups of ASH Berlin


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News (As of February 15, 2024)

February 2024

AI Guidelines Published

The Commission for Teaching and Studies (LSK), with the collaboration of Daniel Klenke (Advisor for Digital Media Didactics), has developed the "Guidelines for Dealing with Generative AI in Study and Teaching at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin."  The guideline covers the following topics:

  • Basic positioning
  • AI competence development
  • Didactics and the use of AI in teaching
  • Academic work and writing
  • Examinations
  • Legal framework
  • Recommendations for further organizational development


December 2023

In November 2023, ASH Berlin, in cooperation with the HIS Institute for Higher Education Development e.V. (HIS-HE), invited participation in a process to develop a digitalization strategy for the university. HIS-HE is a cooperative that has been supporting universities for over 50 years in areas including higher education planning and development. In several workshops, participants from study and teaching, administration, and IT contributed ideas to a first draft of the digitalization strategy. We would like to express our sincere thanks for the input from these workshops and the great commitment of the participants! By February 2024, we will compile these points into a first draft paper for the digitalization strategy.


September 2023

The DGK is currently developing a digitalization strategy for the university. The goals of the strategy include:

  • Service improvement for students and staff
  • Quality improvement in teaching
  • Adapting digitalization matters to current societal and legal conditions
  • Improving research performance.


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