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The information service for students provides and advises from November in the foyer of the university

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This semester, "Start with a PEER" launches the pilot project Orientation Desk: The Orientation Desk is a mediation service for students - similar to an Infopoint. The goal is to promote social and political participation, stress management and resilience among students. At the counter, they can be referred to counseling centers (e.g. AStA, study coordination, general student counseling, enrollment administration, writing counseling, InPuT, etc.) or pick up initial information (e.g. on student events or university initiatives). In the future, the orientation desk will be run by students for students.


What will take place in the pilot?

First of all, a survey will take place in the first week of November, in which students will be asked about their needs for an orientation desk. Afterwards, the piloting will take place. For this purpose, guests from the various departments will be invited on several weekly dates, so that one person from a particular department is always on site. This has the goal that on the one hand the students can ask questions directly. On the other hand, these questions are collected for future placement work in order to be able to carry out an adequate placement for the respective counseling center.


When will the OrientationCounter take place?

The orientation desk will take place in November on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the period from 12:00 - 14:00.


In what formats will the orientation desk take place?

For the pilot phase, the orientation desk will initially be held in a face-to-face format and, in the future, an online format will also be set up for the online degree programs.


What is "Start with a PEER"?

In the project, students work independently as peers on sub-projects. In the first phase, the students conducted research projects for the needs assessment of the student body. In the second phase, service offerings are implemented on the basis of the research projects. The service offerings are by students for students. "Start with a PEER" is a joint project of Alice gesund and the unit for the (re)design of the interdisciplinary study entry phase with a focus on participation in university life, stress management in studies and individual resilience support.